About Us


Karts 4 Kidz provides a new theme for Children’s entertainment for kids between the age of 3 and 11 years in Cape Town since 2006. The CUB Karts are extremely save and easy to drive as the Start / Stop it is remote control. These Karts are operated around the world, and exceeding these countries mandatory safety and Mechanical requirements, as it complies fully with E.C. Machinery Directives

Cub Karts are unique in many aspects: Including their setup, appearance, and experience they offer the kids. And for most there first drive experiences.

The Karts is brightly colorful that make them stand out at any event.


Shopping Malls
Corporate Events
Sports Days
Holiday & Tourist Attractions
Road safety instructions
Childcare Center’s
Local Authority Sites


Birthday Parties
School Fun Days
Fetes & Fairs
Car Showroom Open Days

Or just for FUN!



Features About Us


The karts do not generate any fumes or noise, and the speed can be preset between 1.5 kmph to 10 kmh. They have wide pneumatic tyres that will not damage any surface (grass must be short and dry) and there for can be operate Indoors and Outdoors.


A Karts 4 Kidz event is normally run with 4 x 24v Cub Karts, in an inflatable track of 15m x 11m that act as a safety barrier for a set amount of time. usually two to three minutes to ensure maximum enjoyment for all Kids. Rides are supervised by our team throughout the function duration.


They are interactive and give the children a high level of independent drive. It also helps to develop their Hand, Foot and Eye coordination.





 Please ensure you have at least 15 meters by 11 meters of clear unobstructed space. This allows for the inflatable track and you’ll need a meter each side for a secondary fence and spectators.


 Ideally the outdoor venue should be of firm, level tarmac or firm, level short grass and free from obstacles, debris and animal deposits


 CUB Karts run on batteries. A mains electricity supply is preferable for inflation of the track however a generator can be supplied. At additional cost 


On arrival the Karts 4 Kidz staff need close and preferably off-road parking for the equipment. 


For installation the Karts 4 Kidz staff need easy access to the area where the karts are to run. Gateways or doorways of at least 1 meter in width. The equipment is heavy (65Kg per kart and 20 kg Battery) • The Karts 4 Kidz staff will arrive at least 1/2 an hour before your party are due to start for set up and be ready